Elsa?! *jelly*

Ahhh!! I found the most amazing thing! okay… so I’m exaggerating a little bit… but it is quite cool!

So I’ve seen a lot of Elsa cosplayers already but I’ve haven’t been very impressed by them… I have seen a sew anna’s that’s been quite amazing though. But Elsa is quite the feat as not only is fabric choice SO important… the wig and body type actually does make a difference. But aside from all that… I think the thing I’m looking for the most is the cape. I’m a cape/cloak kinda gal so I get SUPER picky. (you’ll hopefully see why in the next few months) So I’ll now direct you over to Cupcake Cosplay who has done some amazing stuff since this isn’t the first time I’ve run across them. But they just did the Elsa cape and my gosh… it’s quite creative! I do love it =3 Although me and Gee agree that it should be sparklier but… hey, maybe in the light it really does gleam. 

Now I shall share my favorite foreign version of Let it Go: Polish :] I think I root for the underdogs too much…. LOL I say that like its a problem xD But really. I like how it sounds and the translation is pretty cool~ Funny thing? I got my cousin&Sister trying to sing this version… it’s hilarious xD

Mam Te Moc~?



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