Archive | February 3, 2014

Aura Kingdom…?!

 photo yo5_zps99877cb1.jpg

Pardon the vulgar looking stance xD But this is actually Gee’s…. character on Aura Kingdom! Why? Well cause we’re planning something and I think I’ve pinpointed this as my cosplay… my 2 week cosplay o.o I’m gonna try to get this done in 2 weeks but who knows if It’ll work out xD

Mmm… today was a really and I mean really long day at work. I actually got some sketching done though which was great and I didn’t have too much brain work which is always nice~

Anyways. I’ll have to plan out the cosplay during my break time at work xD Got home so late I only had time for a short workout session and food…. and now some league which is actually quite satisfying =3