No fishie!

 photo 20140113_145438_zps7bb64ab0.jpg

One day late at night at the office… a huge moth came into the door. Now Someone decided to try to swat the moth around and it ended up hitting the window and falling. That was the end of the moth…. or so we thought.

The next morning I came to the office and saw Fishie had a new friend! …… his friend was making his water SUPER dirty. Now I understand his friend wasn’t being nice so I decided to try to take him out! Little did I know… he was still.. living o.o So I freaked out, he freaked out… T.T
And after a good 5 minutes I finally released him out into the wild (beyond the front door lol)

Fishie is sorta happy now, I’m glad he didn’t try to eat the moth to be honest xD You can see him playing dead in the picture.. I have a video of it like.. swimming around in circles >.>;;

Ahhhh last 2 days I haven’t really updated because I’ve not only been at the office… I’ve also been getting sick.. random headaches.. tiredness… I started to shiver in a warm office space for awhile.. it was terrible… I hate it T.T So I took a bit of meds and then alot of the vitamins that help my immune system be beastly!!! I would rather not rely on meds too much… I like the herbal tea stuffs! XP

Anyways…now im just babbling… >.> I’m looking forward to this weekend though! :D



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