Meet the ultimate cutie…


Formal introduction time!!

Meet Pacchi <3

Pacchi is a baby alpaca very fat but very cuddle.
He sports a cute plaid bow and loves to eat strawberries!
Pacchi was a gift from the wonderful Gee who gave him to me as a surprise.
I love both my boys very much =3

You’ll probably be seeing Pacchi in many pictures in the corners and what not. He’s really super adorable and even has a mad face xD It’s like having a dog but without the worry of strangling him cause he’s so dang cute (or how Jasmine says it “He’s so cute I just want to punch him” lol…)


So with that aside, you’ve formally met Pacchi! I don’t know how I thought of the name.. I kinda got it the same way I got Hunny Bunny. It just kinda slipped out… I was meaning to say alpaca but Pacchi came out in which Gee said “so that’s his name?” And I was like… “I guess so..!” So that’s Pacchi. I think I’m a little too attached to him already cause I really want to bring him to work xD He’s just so dang cuddly and is the warm hug I need everyday xDD (since Gee is so dang far anyways….) But work today was particularly harsh. I came in around noon or 1 ish and was there working to 11. That’s a good maybe 9 full solid hours of brain killing work with maybe tops of 2 hours of actual free time where I managed to sneak in some cosplay work =3 (just managing orders and emails…)

Now while I’m finally home.. it looks like I wont get working out in but I can get an anime episode, this blog post, and maybe an aram game on league =3



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