Tonight, we own the night~

Cause we own the night =3 want to~

I always have a song stuck in my head which I dubbed my “anthem” of the time. I’m pretty sure it happens to you too… but I tend to overplay songs…. a lot. So this song has been my anthem for.. well starting today! (Finally stopped with so much Frozen music… kinda >.> Have you heard this amazing cover?! It’s seriously awesome. I give major props to her being able to sing that)

This week has been stressful on me with a license renewal… family, family more family, Tax! Noticed I didn’t put any cosplay/store related stuff on there? Yea.. you can guess why xP Even though the convention is this weekend… I’ve learned to accept what I can and cannot do. The stuff ^ up there on the other hand… doesn’t seem to be completely me. >.>;;

Honestly.. this song just makes me dance and makes me so happy while I do cosplay work!! I also could’ve put the actual video up of the song “We own the Night” by The Wanted but… it wasn’t very… great. Like.. it’s just a normal video so I found an anime music video of it just for the heck of it xD Kinda annoyed of some of the scenes but… hey it works still I guess!

But really. The main line I love? “We are only young if we seized the night” Cause nothing is going to get done for me unless I take it.

So close yet so far… let’s see how much insanity I can do tomorrow. I did work out today… lots of cardio so I can work out my body a bit before the harsh con world xP



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