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Woke up all nice and early to go drive around… 2 hours to Gee’s place for a Graduation party! It was actually pretty fun… minus the sleepy parts where I was just tired with no one around to suck the energy out of xP So as a gift from his family he actually got a bearded lizard which was quite fun to “play” with and watch around. Quite an interesting creature… you can see him up there on the left eating something and on the right just looking cool xP His name is mushu…. but Jasmine thought of a cool name too: Godzilla. xDDD

The small picture on the top if a picture of us… It’s not suppose to look cute… at the time I was actually trying to puff my cheeks and blow air at him xD So not really cute on my part… on the bottom is a selfie while Hea drives us to his house~We came around 1pm and left at 11pm =.= Crazy. But fun! Played Cards Against Humanity (quite the game with friends.. please, 18+ only) and then alot of Super Smash Brawl which I still own at =3 And no, pikachu is not THAT cheap >.> Look at kirby gosh.

The food was AMAZING~ I love the cream puffs =3 The chicken… etc etc. I was super amazed his mom did it all in the morning by herself, that’s just awesome right there. I admit… I wanna be able to do that some day xD

So yep! That’s my little party day where I come home around 1am and my mother comes and says “you go out too much” which is crazy to hear since it’s the first time I have really been out in 2 weeks…. and she still expects me to leave fridays so I don’t see the problem here xD I’m letting my “me time” slack >.>;;

From this day I did get to see what awesome group of friends I have~ It’s true how they say the group of friends you make in college tend to stick around… so it’s quite amazing the family I have =3 What’s the best? They all know the cosplayer me and the designing/sewist me! And it’s such a moral boost since my family at home don’t… really know much of anything. I’m lucky to have such great friends =3 And boyfriend! Cause he’s pretty much the glue that brought us together~ (and now he cant get it apart LOL)



One thought on “Party, Mushu, Games, fun~

  1. well to bad the top middle picture looks really cute even you say ” It’s not suppose to look cute…” well you make a great couple:).I should have waited with the asking tweet about the lizzards name well 5 seconds of my life wasted to that tweet oh man my life is ruined now… Just kidding xD. Pikachu isnt cheap at all to be honest and kirby is just a pure rock spam O_O if you are playing a version of it which has this transformation in ^^.Also do you have any group cosplays planned out for later this year after ALA?

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