Drool. More.

 photo DSCN3649_zpsfd9204e6.jpg

AHHH~ So YUMMY! I never really had strawberry tiramisu let alone one that has been made by a friend.. so it was quite the treat =3 I loved it… a lot more than normal tiramisu >.>;;

 photo DSCN3647_zps588e0b99.jpg

And then a friend got a huge boquet of edible fruits… which I think I’ve mentioned. Here it is! It was great cause everyone at the party just devoured it… one person I saw just had a bowl of strawberries… xDDD Heck. I should’ve done that >.>;;

Anyways… looking at the food from yesterday’s party makes me happy xD It’s food afterall~ But I dunno.. it’s been a particularly hard day and … there is always a point in your day where there is a perfect time for someone to make it better but if it falls through… you kinda go into a pit of ice cream and movie watching .Yea. I hit that point xD Soo….. I feel pretty much like crap. And not that I should really have reason to feel that way… but I guess thats how it happens!

Everyone needs that person to pick you up… that’s for sure. And as a guilty pleasure I do admit I watch vlogs of Bubz as a pick me up xD It’s probably her dogs mainly honestly, they’re so adorable. You know what… I should just spruce up Lucky. He can be my little ray of sushine LOL oh gosh… I barely had time today for a relaxing cup of hot chocolate. How am I gonna do that =.= (can you tell im totally battling with myself?)

On another note. I DIDNT DO COSPLAY TODAY T.T I gotta wake up early tomorrow. I need to do MORE.



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