awkward hugs


Ahhh… well today was eventful~

Had a family/friends holiday party! It was basically a party to keep connects with old friends and to strengthen connections with new ones! I was suppose to connect more with some people that ended up going in my brother’s group… so it was interesting. It also just made me see how well even my small group gets along xD It’s great~

I ended up making small little… party favors for my friends to take home (although I forgot to get one for tiff cause she left super early… you can get it from me later though!) And then a friend flaked out on coming so his went to someone else who got me and my family a huge flower bouquet edible thing.

btw, have you ever had someone hug you kinda… too long and it made it awkward? That happens to me… or at least I think its awkward  xDD Well that happens and I dunno… I just think hugging people who arent good friends now are awkward. Plus its always been kinda weird for me to huge people… unless they are hugging people xD And I’m taken.. so hugs with guys also tend to get slightly awkward (especially if they are a few seconds longer..)

So yes! Thats that. Above is a picture of a makeshift snowman made out of jars of a hot cocoa mix of marshmellows/mix/pretzels/kisses! My dopple asuna DIY it and I ended up getting it for the white elephant exchange~ Fun day fun day =3

I can’t believe how much my friends made too!! Dip, cookies, tiramisu, and quiche(sp?) I have quite an amazing group of friends…. <3 and that’s something I do admit I love having…. (never really had it till now lol)



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