Still <3


OH wow… its seriously has been awhile since my last post… and I know it has cause I have to think when I posted last =.= So no… the spider didn’t eat me from my last post xDD I’ve just been… everywhere o.o

On Wednesday I worked and… shopped with family which was just making sure the guys didn’t pick out hideous suits xD Thats a whole day there…

Thursday consisted of me getting up early to try to do errands but failing and just going off to Gee! Yea… we ate some yummy crossiants that I just adore~ And had a sushi lunch =3 which was quite filling.. first time I got an unagi bowl and man was it yummy =3 Then just shopping.. boba… kareoke! And loitering… and being more hyper than really possible.

Friday was great cause I woke up early… again for the whole week =.= and actually worked and did errands! Got to Gee’s house just in time to run off to the mall to pick up a few things and then run off to a BBQ Party type thing where he just brings me along to show off xDDD But people apparently wanted to meet me too? I hope I didn’t disappoint >.> I was tired and the drinks there wasn’t as yummy as I would have liked…. >.>

So yea… on the bright side…. Gee gave me my Christmas present today =3333 I love ittttt~ Plus it seems to have given him quite the headache to obtain xP But I do love it =3 So that’s the picture… of 1/3 of the gifts =3 Honestly.. haven’t really gotten around to buying anything for him but I have looked! It’s just… really hard to stay in a budget >.>;; I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow..



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