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:D Went on a tourist touring thing today!! Yep… I was the tour… >.>;; I showed my brother’s friends from “Aussie” I learned a few cool lingos xP And by the end of the day I was speaking with a slight… tone in my voice. Something about the British and Australian tone of voice makes it sound so.. flowy… and what not. It’s kinda why my friends hear my slip some words when I talk and they’re always like “is that suppose to sound British?” And I go… “not.. really?” I dunno.. it just slips out cause I like to make things flow~~~~~

So we went to eat at the fish grill… which was yummy. Then home for some chilling and some errands… and then to the observatory! Yep. That’s where the picture comes in xD And then after more traffic.. went to eat.. and dropped them off. Honestly.. it doesn’t seem like alot but on the way we saw such pretty sights! Houses specifically~ And then some more.. dodgy places in the LA area >.>;; It was an interesting trip and although it wasn’t.. alot of activity.

…I’m ending this post here. Just because a HUGE SPIDER JUST LANDED ON MY ARM AND WAS WALKING AROUND ON IT…. it had very long legs and was not a daddy long legs kinda.. it looked more fiercsome and deadly. I’m freaked out….. I never saw a spider like that (granted I never look at them THAT close).

Sooo!! Night. I need to scrub my arm now.

(and I thought I was getting over my fear of them =.=)



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