Too much culture.

 photo 20131216_141413_zps853776cf.jpg

I took my test today! Which is why there is coffee for the picture =3 I had a lovely study day over breakfast and coffee =3

I’ll start from the beginning though… I woke up around 8-9 ish and went to meet up with Gee at a breakfast spot! I let him pick so we went somewhere completely new.. which was really crowded o.o But we went to a breakfast place that…. served traditional “american” breakfast. You know.. eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast… etc etc. It was really heavy o.o Not really health conscious but if you saw my twitter… I picked something a little lighter with a veggie wrap filled with vegetables and fruit. And it had some fruit on the side =3 But Gee got an omlette, hashbrowns, and a side of pancakes… which was all just one meal so not like he really ordered all of that. It’s crazy the proportion though o.o We both couldn’t finish it and we watched a lot of other people just devour as much as we got o.o In less time….

That kind of breakfast.. made us kinda sick. We’d rather have something light and healthier for a breakfast meal than something so dense and heavy o.o It was quite amazing to see how popular the place was. But I guess I was just raised with different food~ (aka no breakfast… or just cereal…)

Anyways! It’s gonna be saved for a midnight snack! Or breakfast tomorrow…

We went to It’s A Grind Coffeehouse afterwards…. lovely atmosphere and yummy coffee =3 Now that’s a different culture xD We’re very centered on coffee though.. wish it was tea :/

Then I took my test!! It was lovely. I thought it was pretty easy… so I ended up passing it. After I submit the paperwork… I’ll be able to do taxes officially! Not just as a registered tax preparer but as an Enrolled Agent~ I know…. a lot of people don’t know what that is but it’s …. it’s…. I’ll leave it there =.= But at this point in time I’m a real estate agent, notary public, and soon enrolled agent! Double Agent =3 lol!


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