Tree time!

 photo 20131215_201815_zps487d3751.jpg

Christmas tree has finally been put up and fully decorated! Which is also kinda crazy to see as I didn’t really put my hand in it at all… but I did actually go out to get and pick out the tree so I guess that counts? That and the lights you see in the living room (in the bg)

Usually winter time is the time I catch up on all my cosplay work but… this winter has been so hectic for me o.o On the bright side my cosplay portfolio is on its way to living! Yep. I thought it was time to do a portfolio for myself… but since its cosplay …. I’m not really sure how to do it. Been playing around with it for the past week. Has really taken shape though!

Oh you know its an Asian tree when there is a stuffed dragon as an ornament =.= It’s funny what gets on the tree…

I also can’t type very well yet on my new laptop. The keys are spaced out more and my little chubby hands don’t really agree with that. The mousepad is also awkwardly to the left so my right side of my body aches after awhile… I guess thats why it came with an actual mouse >.>;;

My cousin from the east just came over for winter break! Full house again xD It also means I have an extra person to entertain half the time, hopefully I don’t have to though …

Anyways I have a big day tomorrow…. not nervous but I feel like I should be? o.O I also have been listening to “let it go” a lot more now… the meaning of the song is changing for me xD I don’t remember if I shared it but I had a time where I did let my secrets out and although I felt free… I felt like I had to prove myself. Heck. I still think I have to prove myself… but I”m trying to negate that feeling with actually loving what I’m doing. And makes you feel alot.. free-er xD

I’ll stop rambling. And maybe go back to posts that actually make sense!



One thought on “Tree time!

  1. is it me or are those boxes in the bottom left allready christmas gifts? if so i couldnt stay away from them without unboxing them it would be so tempting since christmas is close:3

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