my storage

 photo DSCN3636_zps273d1234.jpg

A look into my new closet! Which is arguably the largest space that’s completely my own. Other than my car of course… xDD But I can’t really store too much in there… just to keep it clean and for moving stuff =3 I would say my bed is the largest space but.. lately it has been a storage for random clothes as well as my own…. So this lovely beast has been a godsend to me =3 I get a little hidden wall and I have a place to store everything =3 Now if only I had like 3 of these xDD

Look look! I put up some old cork-boards so I can keep track of current stuff! On the other door I have another cork-board that is just blank for whatever I feel like… like in progress patterns or pictures etc etc. I dunno… it makes me feel happy to see it~ You can see my bow sitting in there…. some new storage items (hoping to get more!) and more more more storage xD I think I need to figure out a new way to store stuff… lool

Back to studying =3



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