photo zelda-hilda_zps61f8997b.jpg

so I haven’t gotten around to even beating the Orcarina of Time on the 3DS (stuck in the forest temple!! Then I dropped the game for pokemon X… for now) But Gee has started with a Link Between Worlds and…. from what I can tell seems really fun o.o But in the game there is Hilda! Zelda’s counterpart (although I still think they should’ve named her Adlez). she look pretty darn spiffy! And I really really like her… so I can’t say I’ll be cosplaying her as of now (My list is so dang long) but I do want to sometime in 2014! With all the cons I’m going to… and no school… I think I can get alot done =3 What’s even cooler is that my friend Hea has her Zelda from the Twilight Princess in which she looks pretty awesome in ^^

Which reminds me… me and my friends are STILL having trouble deciding on a group cosplay for AX! Its been so hard to find something we all can do and all like xD

I also think I need to invest in gloves like… tomorrow. It’s so cold!!!



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