Cake rant

 photo DSCN3558_zps464635d0.jpg

Cake day =3 Mother’s birthday~! So my brother picked out the cake and she thought I did xD Or at least had some say in the design… but I didn’t this time xD

I actually just have a ranting day today :/ Other than studying.. cleaning.. and more organizing I just had to deal with people today. It started off with mother giving me all her opinion and insights on my personal life which I didn’t appreciate. But it did do something for me… realize how I like my own views. And I’m on my pathway to becoming a stronger minded person so I acknowledge her views but I don’t share them. But that talk is slightly personal xD

But I do have to say. I’m starting to see how barren this path is. And it looks like I’m traveling with all but a few.. and none of them are family. But I believe I can do it especially with such supportive friends around me :3

Then a …acquaintance decided to say on fb that he was baffled by how cosplayers got famous/popular … because they hire people for the work so he should be rooting for the team. Well.. you probably don’t know this but a lot of the really famous cosplayers are famous for.. well.. not just a pretty face but for their creativity and art in actually making their cosplays! So you can kinda tell how… I took that… xD But now I really want a word that specifies a cosplayer that makes their own costumes … but not so it’s better or worse than a fan just cosplaying! Cause its suppose to be fun in either instance! It’s just… I want it to be seen as an artform! T.T

Okay.. that’s my rant.



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