Toilet… bowl?!

 photo 20131111_180907_zpsd1f0b83b.jpg

Yea.. umm… so I ate food out of a toilet looking bowl today…. from a cafe that calls itself the Magic Restroom Cafe.

Yep. That’s a thing in California. The asians have lovely ways of sticking out in the food business …. by creating a bathroom themed resturant. So you sit on toilets which you can open up but there is no way it works of course. Then there are shower heads on the wall. Oh for toilets it’s a comfy seat anyways… I forgot I was sitting on it afterawhile xD

But it’s the food in the toilet bowls I couldn’t really get past… I think I lost part of my appetite because of it (especially if your friends are calling your food gross lookin things xDD) The food is good but.. I dunno. It’s not really worthy for me to go back….

That’s gee’s fingers in my picture btw. He likes to ruin things like that XP

Well… okay that’s not completely true I suppose. I.. well the morning didn’t go the way I planned so seeing Gee was nice. We hung out with friends (hence the resturant trip) and I was overly clingy today… but it was good cause I like being cutsy with him every now and then xD It was like barfy cutsy >.>;; Sorry dopples. But he made me feel ALOT better so I think I can deal with all this a tad bit easier now. I also feel better knowing friends will go through the day putting up with my hyperness and needyness.. and clingyness xDD We had this food. We had Shaved ice (with too much sugar and was suppose to be shaved snow) and then my favorite boba in a large size. And then in-n-out fries as a midnight snack. I’m home super late but… you know what? So worth it. So thanks guys, you guys are always a good pick-me-up, a lot better than drowning myself in strawberry crossiants — welll….. >.>;; Sure. That would’ve been cheaper though… LOL

PS. Happy VETERNS Day! Hope the Vets had a greater day than me..



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