Table flippin (┻━┻)

 photo questions_zps802c8ce1.jpg

Been doing practice exams online and in the book for the past 2 days. Yea… lovely weekend I’ve been having xD I thought I would share what the “review” part of the practice test looks like. Don’t be fooled, the red triangles do NOT mean I got it wrong… those are all the ones I marked thinking “I need to know this answer” or “I really don’t know how to do this question” …. it’s a lot of red isn’t it o.o ugghhh /key smashes

….actually what I really wanna do is a table flip.

 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)


Sorry for the lack of posts! Been meaning to but…. I guess my mood has just been all over the place. I think I’ve been all over the place actually. I think I need to make a huge board of my top priorities just to look at all day xD Well not all day but you get what I mean >.>;;



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