Some days are just… TMI days. You know what I mean. Those talks with friends where too much information is shared >.> But not like its a bad thing cause… I’m an information sharer with certain people… and even online. I know where boundaries are so I don’t share information with certain people. So obviously I share pretty much everything with Gee cause he’s … he’s my “boo thang” LOL For some reason that phrase has been in use lately… And once I share information once I really don’t share it again unless  its goooood xP So it’s nice being able to share a lot and just letting it out xD Cause I actually told stuff even Gee didn’t know yet >.>;; And vice versa… and.. well… yea. interesting stuff my friends have xP

It was just a late boba outing today cause we were all stuck in school or been studying for awhile… so we went out a tried a new boba place that’s sorta a convergence point for us… (a little further for my dopple asuna :/ )

I didn’t really tweet a lot today just cause I was stuck in the office and I just tried to stay on track but that didn’t work! So I’ll see what I can get done at… mm.. 1am. >.>;;



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