My Oh My

Because not talking about this would be a crime xP

The new GG song!! =3 It’s actually really super cute I like it ^^ And it gets catchy =3 It’s cute and sassy…. the sound and look!

But other than that… today was a study/friends/errands day which was nice. I was really stressed out this morning and last night just from all that is happening… I don’t like it >.>;; So it’s been kind of hard to concentrate as much as I’d like. My next test is SUPER soon so you won’t see any cosplay updates from me for… well the rest of the week. And hopefully I’ll get a short break and I can do some quick cosplay work! (and some pokemon playing cause my brother just bought X for me for $18 o.o walmart made a pricing error but we were still able to get it!! =3)

So I’ll let this soak in… Just had to share =3


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