All about money?

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So..tired. BUT WORKING!

I saw and retweeted a tweet that said to use your talents to make a difference in your community… which really rings true to me.

With that said… I have a friend who only ever thinks about the money. He literally thinks about all the money he’ll make in the future and all the things that it’ll bring to him. But… I don’t see that as passion. Maybe passion for money but how far will that drive you really? Sure money makes the world go round but so does change and innovation. So what’s my angle? What can a sewist/cosplayer do? Well you’ll hopefully see soon =3 But until then…. I hope that money isn’t the sole reason for living. It’s just paper afterall. We made it and it binds us.

I’m grateful I found cosplay.. sewing… and designing! I love doing it all and I’m trying to combine it to make my ultimate job xD I don’t mind working everyday, I don’t mind stressing over it. So I will see this through! I’m super glad I have the biggest supporter right up my arse which is Gee xD He’s been pushing me (a little too hard at points /fall off cliff) but I need it xD My family isn’t so supporting in my endeavors… heck all they want me to do is get married and start a family. I’m not ready for that… not career wise, not mentally, and just not stable. It doesn’t matter to WHO either, if I’m not ready I’m just not ready right? I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place… somewhere lost in the world. I see the sky… I see the way out but I haven’t gotten the right tools to get out yet. I’m looking at the next 2 months and I’m going to work hard. See… I won’t even promise this. Because what’s stronger and better than a promise? Just doing it.



3 thoughts on “All about money?

  1. why do they want you to get married seriously everyone should decide it on their own when the time has come and not getting pushed to marry and sleep with a guy for a babyO_O

    • I dunno… I mean maybe it’s a different perspective from their view but I’m pretty set on how I feel about it. Although I’m pretty sure it’ll just get worse as time goes by :/

      • i would also hate to be kinda forced to make a family i would first want to have my life and than maybe think about getting married and all those thingsO_O

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