Double the fun

 photo halloween_zps5f02178f.jpg

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!! I didn’t really celebrate it anyway special other than just trying out Ririchiyo =3

So the picture on the left is my test run of Ririchiyo! It’s super short o.o But it makes it look good at the same time… I’m wearing shorts underneath it and I’m glad you can’t really tell =3 Still have to make the shirt ruffles and put on the gold buttons!
The picture on the right is what I wore to the office today xD I went asian .. hipster asian! Yea… not like anyone really saw me today anyways =3=

Tiring day though.. woke up early and wasn’t feeling well. Spent the morning doing chores around and just kinda chilling xD I feel super unhealthy today since I didn’t get to work out and the food wasn’t the greatest…. now that I think of it.. didn’t really have much to eat (Gee is totally gonna yell at me if he see this tonight xDD) So I’ll run off right now and grab a bite! Yea. Sounds good =3



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