Very fond of my bow

 photo DSCN3531_zps2e816578.jpg

Hi guys! Decided to take a selfie yesterday with my bow that doesn’t look like cardboard anymore!! Making progress and it’s satisfying!! but some updates~

1. You’ll see a short twitter feed on the side of my blog now. It’s nice isn’t it? Since I’m getting involved more with updating regularly especially because I don’t always have the time to update my blog every single day.

2. It seems like my work schedule will get really hectic from all the promises I’m making so let’s see how my posting habits change from here to twitter… xD

Anyways! Today I went to lunch with brother and friend which was nice. I like being able to get lunch and dinners with friends… it’s super nice. :D Afterwards I did some updates at home and ran off to the mall with Kasu to find purple skinny jeans for my Hipster Psylocke cosplay! Yep. For Comikaze which I’m officially  going to =3 But to my sadness…no stores have nice purple skinny jeans o.o It’s crazy cause I swear it was in style T.T I guess I’m not up to date with fashion or something… xD But if anyone is looking for maroon pants, every store basically carries that xDD

I also got a huge bug bite on my leg… it’s super distracting >.<;;

Also how does my dear Hermsi get followers like crazy on Twitter?! Ahhh!! He’s just more loveable I guess xD So you can find him on Twitter @ItsHermsi
(yea. I’m advertising you now :P Not like you need it….. =.=)



2 thoughts on “Very fond of my bow

  1. well i follow you and hermsi so its not my fault if one gets more:3 the bow looks great :) but it would be something different to try to make one out of wood if you would have the time/money to do so:)

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