Meet Fishie

 photo fishie_zpsed744661.jpg


Guys. Meet fishie. He’s my office fish that love us very much =3 I just cleaned his bowl so it’s all nice and spiffy for him to swim around in! I do love this fish a lot… I think I just get too attached to animals xD

Anyways! Today I worked a lot on my bow. I finished covering it with paper and now I’m working on the kickstarter! It’s actually starting to take a lot of shape and I’m REALLY planning for it to be done sometime in the start of November. It’s been so delayed >.< But hey, that just means I had the time to make it perfect~

I also go my new business cards in, they look lovely~ Can’t wait to start passing them out ^^

So I woke up this morning and I was happy because I got a really nice sleep. And the past week I’ve had a lack of sleep just because I was sick and then other days I had to be up early for who knows what. (other than friday, I actually made a breakfast date and kept it! success xP) So weekends I like to sleep in cause everyone else in my family basically does. It’s nice xD Okay not everyone, but the kids do…!



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