Get you Sh— together

My sister showed me this song and … I do have to admit it’s quite addicting to listen to xD It’s cute! Poor mario T.T Quite creative of the band that wrote it too xD And hey! It’s a good lesson for relationships too xP

So I was suppose to have so much done by now but.. I dunno. This sickness I think is getting to me. Or I’m just blaming it on that xD I think I just got dehydrated today >.< I did a bit of studying today but it’s really hard when… well 1. It’s extremely hard and 2. I was on lack of food AND water… so it was kind of sad T.T It’s what happens when I refuse to spend more money..  but it’s just unhealthy for me….

So we went to take a long trip to the bank… which was only long because Gee got bothered about accounts and oopening another one up. I dunno what it is with WellsFargo but they really REALLY insist on opening accounts up when you don’t want them =.= We then went off to eating food (which was bad of me since by then it was 6pm and that was the first real meal of the day…) and boba.. and light shopping… and more food. LOL.

I dunno… then I got all moody and just went home to a rant and I just.. wrote stuff. Now im here….! Procrastinating on items and getting mad at myself for not being more productive… T.T I should listen to the song.. get my  s–tuff together xD



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