it’s still food

No pictures today.. why? Well in all honesty… I’ve been trying to do more video recording! Well… at least getting back to being comfortable in front of the camera! So I took a few videos and then just forgot throughout the day xD It’s horrible =.= Don’t get your hopes up at all.. and don’t hold this against me xD BUT, I’m planning on doing vbloging throughout the week and just releasing a compiled video on either Sundays or Mondays xD Something like that at least! I want to feature my cosplay work and all the weird stuff that happens throughout my days xD It’s quite funny. Although I think my family will think its weird so I’ll have to keep it to a minimum at home…

anyways! It’s another night of eating a dinner by myself which… isn’t really healthy… maybe I should actually make something :/ (Cookies and milk is yummy but I don’t think it’s that healthy for me xD)

edit: Gee made me go get whatever this “real” food is sooo… I made myself a salad and threw a full tomato in there…. …. I want those cookies even more now



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