My Night…

Went something like this….

Me: Ugh I wanna go but I don’t
Gee: Ugh I wanna go too but I won’t once I take pants off
Me: Well I have to change into either gym clothes or a sexy and classy dress. Pick!
Gee: you know what I want
Me: I do but I’m lazy

*Changes into gym clothes*

Me: Nope. Too lazy

*Turns on workout system*

Gee: *gives puppy dog eyes… OVER THE PHONE*
Me: Really…
Gee: Does this mean I can take off my pants?
Me: Holy you kept pants on?!
Gee: Yes?
Me: … you really wanted to go huh
Gee: I said I did!
Me: okay.

*Changes into dress, puts on makeup, does hair*

Me: Be there in 30. :]


So yea. We went to a double birthday party which was oddly fun. Especially since.. well… there were people there no one was expecting and it was hilarious xD Loved it, seriously did. Although I think the shots and yummy cactu—— holy. He fed me soda. NOOOOOO MY SKIN WAS JUST GETTING BACK TO NORMAL T.T =3= I’ll pay for tonight it seems xD

Anyways. Thanks Gee for taking me and paying for.. well… all my drinks xD We also matched (not on purpose!) But I kinda liked it at the same time.. kinda screams that we’re together xDD It’s adorable isn’t it?! I even got him to take a cutsy picture with me =3



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