Privacy… finally!

 photo DSCN3445_zpsb65e7dd5.jpg

A little while ago I finally put up the privacy screen on the office door since…. well.. since our neighbors have business up to midnight and it’s creepy with all the people that come by looking through the door!

But it’s changed a little cause it covered it up… too much. Anyways! Good day today. Went to get bread with Gee at a place that makes the BEST strawberry crossiants! We bought 6…. yea. It was awesome.

I got through chapter 14. That’s a huge accomplishment, what’s annoying though is that my mother didn’t believe I did. It’s like seriously? I said I did. Comon. I do work you know, a lot more than you see that’s for sure.

And then we went out for Half & Half boba which is always delicious and some small shopping trips! I have a plan for the winter but I need to get through so much first T.T Either way! I came out with a tripod and a new USB drive! Finally trying to get updates of equipment from like.. 7 years ago. Yea. It’s been awhile… I feel old. T.T



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