Somehow.. food day.

It’s odd how our off days go xD I say that because today we had NO idea what to do, but company with Gee is always fun =3 I spent a good portion of the day trying to act a ghetto as I could.. you know what my theme song was? Thug Story. Heck to the yea xPPP Cause for some reason this song was on Gee’s phone… …. …. which is weird. Such an old song, hilarious. Then again we are TS fans sooo…. not like I’m completely surprised lol!

So we went to eat my craving of Chipotle. Why? I dunno. I just wanted it. Then we headed off to do some shopping.. window shopping! PLanning shopping… I had so much fun with fabric today =3 I love shopping just to find some cool fabrics out there. OH! I did find a cute new blazer I really want T.T (who has $35 for me?!) Hur. Then we ended up just shopping around and meeting up with the dopples! (our SAO look-alikes which we happen to be hanging out late with now…) So we had some yummy foods which happened to be Japanese! Ah. Here comes the food pics =3

 photo DSCN3455_zps67f09d3c.jpg

I had a REALLY yummy sashimi rice bowl =3 Yea… raw fish… I ended up soaking all the wasabi and clearing my sinuses afterwards xD

 photo DSCN3453_zps3cff5bbd.jpg

Gee’s Udon since he umm.. really wanted Udon o.o It was yummy though! Oddly enough… he got his food before mine -.-

 photo DSCN3458_zps3e7ba56e.jpg

Shaved snow =3 Redemption for our last trip that Bry just wanted jars…. I know, that sentence doesn’t really make sense. But eh.

That was some really good mango shaved snow.. the strawberry was okay. but omgsh. THE GREEN TEA MOCHI was delicious. We were all thinking of asking to buy a cup just to eat on the way home LOL.

Now… my fun day is over :/ Time to get some work done!



One thought on “Somehow.. food day.

  1. why allways those food pictures they make me hungry…it will be your fault if i need to go to a clinic to lose weight xD

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