Happy =3

I took my test yesterday! Spent 2.5 hours straight just sitting in front of the computer making faces at it the whole time xD The girl watching the security cam must have been so entertained … And basically by the end of it I was praying at the screen cause I was so freakin nervous >.<;;

By the time I walked out and sat down to wait for the lady to print out the dang results…. I was a ball of nerves >.< But… my 4 days of cramming paid off!!! She said congrats and gave me the official paper with the stamp and what not~ I ended up actually dancing out the room… kinda like this~

 photo -Happy-Birthday-Sica-jessica-snsd-34267269-245-215_zpse19107af.gif

I celebrated with going out to catch up with some friends which included good Pho and not good snow and really not great drinks =.= It was just one of those food days that doesn’t make you happy =3= But today! I went out again but mainly for errands and just to hang around and about =3 Time just flies by so quickly when hanging out with Gee xDD It is a friend’s bday today so happy bday to the guy that’s carrying our league team! (lol~!)


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