Archive | September 23, 2013

Just to make sure

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Its a food post =3 We went out for burgers the other day! And… this is how it was served… with a knife… stuck through it. Just to make sure it was dead xD I’m not sure how a person is suppose to eat it cleanly but I saw kids do it sooo…. we must’ve done something wrong? lol! Always love it when the serve a pickle on the side like that ^^

I was suppose to blog last night but I didn’t even get a chance to go on the computer o.o Didn’t even play a game! I was out all day with Gee and studying as well as starting on the props. Which.. made my work a little more complicated cause I didn’t plan it out T.T That was my fault though… I should’ve read up on it more. Also watched a movie! wo! Nothing new though, Fast 5 I believe. Really makes me want to watch the latest one….

Anyways. Today? Woke up early and did some cosplay work. I got some resizing done as well as a zipper put onto the school outfit. I also am bringing my pikachu backpack back and forth to the office with all my cosplay stuff I need to work on xD It’s quite useful~ Kinda sad my backpack ripped since my sister used it so much =.= (I hate that, I barely used it and it’s already dead by the time I want to…) So I just studied all day. Had to chauffeur my sister around. Had a super quick rush dinner =.= And more studying. Worked on the ear commission a bit (wo!) and now I’m debating on what to do. My test is Thursday and I’m super nervous for it. My scores are getting better but this is such a hard topic T.T and it just gets worsseee!!! ARGH. What’s also really frustrating is that so much is riding on it. It’s not like failing a class and just doing the hassle of taking it over, it’s literally just. Pass or I might be out of work (or find a job -.-)

My kickstarter isn’t going anywhere lately. I don’t have the time/brainpower for it….. and I NEED that T.T