Museum LA trip!

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I uhhh… went on a date today o.o Like a legit date! That’s… that’s kinda nerve wreaking to me even though I’ve been with this dude for so long =.= Do you know how crazy that is?! I guess that’s what happens when you throw me out of my comfort zone and into the smog! And I guess it just shows me that I still get nervous i’ll do something stupid =.=

Anyways! We went to LACMA today! Which is the acronym for Los Angeles County Museum of Arts! And it’s quite something cause…. he’s had this planned for awhile and he actually came to my house to pick me up and drop me off =3 It was cute ^^ <3

So we ended up eating a sushi truck (which wasn’t that great ) and then went to walk through the museum! Which… okay was kinda odd at first but it got really fun with some coffee boost up and some lovely jokes =3 I mean… you just can’t NOT have fun at a museum, it was fun =3

But at the same time we couldn’t go to 3 exhibits cause 2 of them you have to pay more for and one was closed for renovations… soooo… what would’ve been an all day thing turned into half day! Above is a picture of the lights that’s basically the grand entrance for the museum! We took some pictures in the day time but it was is prettier at night~ But since we had a good half day left to do .. anything. It was only natural for Gee to suggest a mini photoshoot! Which honestly we do EVERYWHERE and it’s fun just cause it lets me practice poses and with the perk of being in a new place =3

 photo DSC_1016_zps73f10fab.jpg

Gee liked this picture which I find funny (for some odd reason) but I decided to share it anyways. At this point I’m so used to him snapping pictures… so I guess that’s good. Since I’ve always been kinda nervous in front of a camera xD And after awhile I start to do some silly stuff hence….

 photo DSC_1058_zps5e89b34c.jpg

Hehehe =3 Don’t be so vulgar! Gosh… trying to save your eyes here! xP This sculptor seriously had such manly abs and a butt… I’ll just leave it at that. …………… and now that I look at the picture it totally looks like my hand is on his butt …lol! ITS NOT. I MEAN IT! =.=

Anyways! With some AWESOME LA food which included teas, coffees, and a place called Komodo…. the day was super fun =3 We also went to Beverly Center which included a 7 story mall…. and paid-for parking inside, It was quite different but also quite the sight to explore!

I loved it~ These trips don’t come along very often so I’m savoring it xDDD


One thought on “Museum LA trip!

  1. well i guess its natural to touch a nice skulpture butt xD na just kidding^^ and i like your dress but without the belt i would guess it looks not as great as it does with it. Also a little side question which is a bit offtopic compared to the whole posts lately are you going to buy one of the new pokemon x or y games? if yes than we could maybe try to trade some pokemons or so^^ if you would have time for it than^^

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