Hunny doesn’t like me fit

 photo DSCN3392_zps80775855.jpg

I left to the office… came home and found my yoga mat that was INSIDE the house like this T.T And that’s not particularly surprising cause I came home and the door was opened… I’m surprised Hun bun didn’t run off into my room and dig holes through the laundry =.= So I ended up just cutting that part off and trimming it down so I have a mini mini yoga mat and a smaller mat which I don’t really fit on all the way but it works when I’m working out by dancing? xD

Anyways. I got my exam requirement today so I can start taking the exams T.T I’m seriously dreading it but.. oh well. I guess it has to be done. I’m hoping to finish them all before Thanksgiving so then I have a good time to just prep for ALA and what not! I started on the prop stuff today but it… it hurts T.T


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