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 photo DSCN3379_zpsbc387eda.jpg

Wow I’m just… bringing in random stuff now huh? Anyways. Main point of this picture? We got our carpet cleaned the other day! It Seriously needed it (this is the office carpet btw) and the color on the left is what it is now and the one on the right is what it was before….. Why is it like that now? We just moved furniture that’s all xD But this is why I dislike carpet…. I’d much rather have wooden floors. I think it’s easier to maintain too =3

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the office lately for studying as well as cosplay work! But when my boss comes in to ask what I’ve done I’m kinda … stuck. Cause I mean.. my days are productive! Maybe just not the way that’s beneficial directly to office work >.>;;

I was productive today though? Dragged Gee and Heather on errands~ Went to go pick up stuff for the office and for my next cosplay. =3 I’m excited for it. There is so much to do!! It’s crazy o.o Honestly I should probably stop going out so much but.. it keeps me a little sane. Gee keeps me in place and makes sure I always have my dream close by so it makes me days bearable. Cause it seriously sucks going through the day getting nagged at for something you don’t.. really want to do. Trust me. I’d choose cosplay over it all.



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