Archive | September 16, 2013

Back to school

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I went to school recently which was… interesting! Did you know they JUST enacted a no smoking campus wide rule?! So there literally is no one smoking on campus anymore and its SO nice!! Cause honestly the campus had smokers EVERRYWHERE even though there is a no smoking unless 20 ft from a building which is pretty far I have to say. No one listens though xD

But there was something else… oh right! I had to walk around alot to find a spot and ended up outside.. (hence the picture) and I noticed something…. girls smell nice. Yea. I said it xD I was walking around and maybe like 3 times I would go “huh, that smell nice…” and it was just pleasant xD Makes me want to go find a new perfume but it has to pass the Gee test and that.. might be hard. I tried before and it didn’t work out xD So I’ll stick with my cucumber melon spray xDDD

Anyways! It’s weird being back on campus even for a short while… it was mainly just for lunch and some coffee time xD But in that time I walked down the walk alone and I got asked to join a sorority 3 times =.= From the scenes I’ve watched and the stories i’ve heard, no thanks. Plus! Don’t need one =3 Nor really want one…