Archive | September 15, 2013

Me summed up

 photo smiles_zps4545c6cc.gif

Gee has to mention that this is me summed up in a gif… (other than the fact that it IS me…) but what he meant is that… I do this alot apparently? Just look lost and then smile lol! I was organizing my picture files which I haven’t done since… the year started. But I went through some old pictures and found some consecutive ones and googled how to make a gif! Soooo… I found out how to make a gif in photoshop =3 And this is the result~!!!

(Btw I’ve been wearing that grey skirt like no other lately! I want to make another one in black ~ except maybe less drastic ruffles cause I can’t wear that skirt in the wind for the life of me LOL!)

Anyways today was productive~ I was asked to take my sister out show shopping so I did and she picked out some tennis shoes for herself then looked at me when it came to pay =.= So that’s a $20 gone xD And then I paid for boba and I’m thinking “man I’m too nice now…” And then I went off to the office! Where I finished cutting the fabric for Inu x Boku SS cosplay =3 and then also started on the archer bow~ Yes. My ALA debut cosplay is an archer! But you’ll have to wait for the info on my cosplay blog =P (or my facebook page?! oh whut?? :P)

And so I went home and then decided to go see my mother perform in an annual choir thing that was held at our church (once in what… every 10 years I think?) and I won’t lie that was pretty darn boring. …yea. You can only imagine. BUT! She didn’t know I was gonna go so it was a surprise for her xD I could tell she was happy (and she fed me =3) and I mean… parents go through those shows just to watch their kids (although I don’t think she ever went to any of mine…) but now she’s more of the kid than anything xD It’s funny.

So I go home, try to work out a bit and one contact gets stuck and refuses to go out of my eye. I went on a yawning and trying to make myself spree!! Not very fun but who knew eyedrops x 4 would work (I’m guessing 3 out of the 4 didn’t actually hit my eyeball…)

Now? Well now I try to figure stuff out for the store.. ALA… and all that lovely stuff. ESPECIALLY kickstarter. /been neglecting it T.T