photo DSCN3366_zpse4cd2f80.jpg

Probably the first time I got an entree item at a Japanese resturant and… this is what it came out to be! Well for starters…. Gee and Heather were done with their sushi before this even came out =.= but it was SO YUMMY~ Love salmon =3

So I stayed at the office all day today dabbling in things here and there. Studied… almost finished the new pattern. Got halfway through planning out ALA’s cosplay. Did some research on props and all. And then also did some work work which was .. okay. I also starved cause mother said she’d bring out food… and didn’t T.T hing.

Productive day but also kind of lonely since… Gee was gone at class and work and I didn’t really talk to anyone online… so I just kinda.. worked and worked and it was just set. I feel productive but I dunno… I have another day like that tomorrow and then I get a .. field day out on Wednesday! wo! Which is always lovely~ Hopefully I have something more interesting to write tomorrow xDD



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