photo pon3_zpscb6ef97a.jpg

I umm… I turned myself into a pony…. >.> Which I see as a really stern librarian pony.. lol! I wouldn’t mind being a librarian… no? Doesn’t it sound kinda fun? Surrounded by books, fighting off book worms! and helping people to exact locations of books! But I’d rather just have my own personal awesome library =3 Yea… oh right. Pony. Don’t ask. I had a few minutes to spare >.>;; It’s a little flash game on dA lol!

So today I woke up on time for once and started my day off! Got a good amount of work done as well as finished the base sketches for my collection! It’s great cause it makes me sooo happy just looking at it all on one page =3 So happy!

And then …mmmmm……. did a lot of kickstarter research today! We’re doing pre-video work tomorrow which im nervous for… and then I have a friend looking over my designs next week =3 But! I have to get started on the wedding designs since I feel as though I’m holding back a whole wedding T.T The presssuurreee! I’m glad the bride-to-be has so much faith in my designs though… makes me excited still~

Alright. Back to work for me xD



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