Archive | September 3, 2013

Office day


Haven’t done a self picture in awhile xD And I’m just at the office …. and I know it’s odd for my to post from here so I thought I’d make it even more odd and just start to take pictures of myself xPP I’ve been loving wearing no makeup lately and with glasses all day it’s even better lol!

But I think I’m writing just to get some stuff off my mind. Last night me and Gee… had a lovely talk. Not the kind of talk you expect from couples but we had the partner talk. I’ve written about the fashion line I’ve been designing which is 95% done. I just have a few touchups left. And I have my cosplay work which I love beyond love =3 Something about how you can manipulate fabric makes me so excited xD So obviously it’s something I love to do. I love the challenge and even though I’m expecting to not make as much money as a CEO of some company… I still want to do it. See this is where Gee comes in… he knows that. It’s sweet that he is constantly trying to keep that dream close to me while I constantly get distracted by real estate.. tax… and basically my family. (We’re a very business-like family, it’s hard to not talk about work anywhere….) But I came into the office today after some updating my store in the morning and… I came in to find my desk litter and my mother wrote notes and things for me to do everywhere. For one, I don’t like people touching my stuff. Especially when I’m away. But looking at the work in front of me…. I’m starting to think maybe I really should just ditch it. Take Gee’s advice and really throw what I love as my priority. Because why not? I don’t want to be stuck doing real estate and tax forever… I’d rather be designing and making something awesome. I’d rather be stocking my store up and getting pictures taken of. I realize I may be taking a harder road x 2. … but I also don’t think I’m the person to take the easy road (I did go after Gee afterall xP He was a tough one xP)

So what’s the point of this? Tell my parents that I’m switching it up on them…. that I’m not gonna be that pharmacist/CPA that they wanted me to be for so long. It’s why I hate being Asian…. and I hate to disappoint even more. So I have two options. Either tell them my plans now that I have for myself and for my future… or tell them when I am successful in it.