September starts!!

Honestly.. I’ve never really thought much about September. I mean honestly… what happens? School for people? XDDD That’s what it basically is for me anyways… This month I have so many goals, plans, ACTIONS to take! And you have no idea how excited I am for that! I’ve kinda been working a little overboard lately though. But I’m really trying to stand by the fact of “work hard, play hard” and with mine and Gee’s schedules now…. It’s really working hard. And these plays are hard? (^-~ eh?? xP)

Okay sorry about that.

But really. New month. 09. 2013. It’s odd but… new things start everyday. I don’t have to wait for an occasion to debut something!

Although today I went to the office and… almost fell asleep right at my chair like within the hour I got there. And I’m not particularly tired today. Got maybe.. 7 hours? Which is decent xD I shouldn’t have slept at 4 though T.T So I just ended up going home at like 3 cause I was so sleepy and I was better off just going home to be productive versus staying at the office and trying to be productive. I dunno. But I did plan out a decent amount so I’m happy.



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