Magical & miserable

“It’s miserable and magical OHHH YEAAA”
“Tonight’s the night that we forget about the deadlinnneeeesss”


Just keep dancing like we’re 22~~!!!! Love this song xD

I spent the day with the family today ^^ It was.. different. And SO FUN! Why? Cause I love seeing my parents & grandma spazz SO much about plants. It’s so funny to see and they loved telling stories and teaching us little cool things they know so it was fun xD We went to the Huntington’s gardens again =3 So I got to go again but saw a few new things! And it was a totally different vibe, although both were fun~

Then I came home and did a little here and there. Played a game called “7 Wonders” which is actually really fun~ And then got swished away to league~ Lost another ranked game but my score wasn’t that bad… which makes me a little happier xD And then I ran some midnight errands and now im hungry! Oh! I made such a big mistake and decided to work out a bit! I just had so much of a want to do so but I did ALOT of walking today. So I worked out a little but my headache came back so I did something else and now it’s relaly hard to even stand up T.T

And now .. well… I finished another prototype today =3 Makes me happy~ It’s what happens when I get blocked from the computer for a bit lol! I also drew another design today which makes me a lot happier!! I might draw another tomorrow for the heck of it cause it’s not quite… perfect.



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