Jazz Cat

 photo DSCN3311_zps4a3ddb2d.jpg

I suppose this could be called part two of the other post xD Or just a food post… Anyways!
Gee took me to a nice Shabu Shabu place! It was quite something, decor wise xD It was really well talked of too which was cool. Although I learned something from this trip… hot soup things don’t go well for me with my stomach >.> But! It was a good experience and pretty cool (except walking out with the smell all over the clothes)

 photo DSCN3309_zps54369ece.jpg

Here’s all our meals, kinda in the beginning so its just veggies just cooking itself. I also overcooked all my veggies xD

Other than that…. I’m trying to figure something out to remember to do all the stuff I Have to .. well.. do. I can see why everyone wants an assistant xD Cause that would be SO helpful right now lol! I did make 3 new bows today =3 Which is lovely~ Cause I haven’t really done anything lately.. I made a copy of the bow patterns for the office so I can cut fabric when I want to! Yep. Multi-tasking to the max! Trying to at least!

Okay. I think I’ll try to do a few test questions before sleeping. Night~



2 thoughts on “Jazz Cat

    • Oh man… these weren’t really anything xD I think I password locked them cause I didn’t like how they really turned out… >.<

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