Mad… happy!

I haven’t posted this on here yet and I figured now is a better time than any? xD It’s from AX 2013~ A mini shoot at their wonderful backdrops =3 It links to my dA post so just click if you wanna read up on it a bit xD

Man.. looking back on this shoot makes me laugh >.> Really! The picture on the left was taken on day 2 when I had to work at the booth later in the day so I changed from Asuna to Mikoto. This … didn’t make my group happy cause I spent more time that day in this outfit than my main Asuna xD But either way! I was able to play photographer and made Gee (Kirito) and Heather (Liz) take pictures doing weird stuff and pose all over the place =3 It was sooooooo fun! But.. it kinda bit me in the butt later >.> Cause we saw the photo set ups and the pink bed called out to Gee -.- Oh! I forgot to mention the main reason why I didn’t change back into Asuna even though I had time to was because my feet were killing me T.T So in the picture I’m wearing flats xD (Short much? T.T) I also was feeling gross cause the hair wasn’t cooperating too =.= So in all honesty… I wasn’t a happy camper. Then Gee makes me jump up on this bed and do THAT pose… and that’s me genuinely hating it xD

(Honestly I’m not surprise there is makeup running down my face cause it was late in the day)

On the right I was so perky so that’s a lovely smile from me xD

Anyways. Point is… photos on different days work really well. Have I mentioned I’m a terrible actor? Makes it hard to get into a character for photoshoots >.< At least without some extensive planning. Need to get on fixing up Asuna very soon before Gee has to cut his hair for school xD Odd right? Well that’s what happens when he refuses to wear a wig -.-

Anyways. I took like 4 naps today and I’m still tired. I even tried working out to wake up… I guess it’s just one of those days?



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