Practice practice!

 photo DSCN3277_zps62c8a86a.jpg

Just a sketch~ I’m practicing my folds and how certain fabrics will represent itself on paper by looking at a dress online and using the design for reference! So this design up above is your typical trumpet styled dress. although I really do like how the bottom ruffles start… I improvised a little on the side ruffles >.>

Today I… I went to Joanns to get some little supplies and… it turns out I have to go return them because they screwed up the coupons -.- Then I got dragged out to the office to decorate which.. didn’t go well cause my mother got completely wrong looking frames for the wall and I went to go pick out the ones I like and go figure… it’s the only ones not on sale =.= So I’m kinda sad… T.T

Oh!!! Oh the bright side. I started Tera today and it’s oddly addicted. I hate the travel time but I love the graphics and fighting style. I love the no point and click.. it’s just skill! So I get to jump around and dodge as much as I want~~ I love archers =3



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