Next project!

A take on Little Red Riding Hood by Hermsi

We’ve been calling her “Little Red” for … maybe the past few months now. This is maybe the 3rd design we have come up with and it looks like the last! At first it she started out in a full ballgown .. then the ballgown got slimmer with a huge wolf head on it… and now we ditched the ballgown and went with something that can be moved around in. This is the ending sketch, we’re working on final colors and textures =3 I’m happy about it though~

We also had to rethink the design cause ballgowns are not very table sitting friendly >.> Which is what I need xD

I give myself… 3 weeks to finish designs for kickstarting =3 Then I give myself a few months while working on wedding designs in the mean-time for the NEXT line as well as for a friend~

Spent most of today running errands for work … oh! And checking out the grand opening of Lee’s Sandwiches in my city!! That’s crazy just cause I waited there for TWO HOURS. and you know what? They said we only ordered one large bread and we ordered THREE >.> But they took our receipt and my brother didn’t fight for it -.-  And I’m a firm believer of getting for what you paid for. At least in amount… quality wise it didn’t match up anyways >.>



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