So I’ve been pretty busy throughout my days now… since I wake up so late (like 11am ish) I obviously start work later. So I eat lunch at home and go to work… when it hits around 6-7pm I start to study my tax stuff until supposedly 8 but for the past few days I’ve been at the office till 10 o.o which is crazy but… its studying.

And thanks to Hikari (woo shout out much? XP) she kinda said how being in an office is like being a bird in a cage… well I read that comment while a lot was going on at the moment and something good came out of it ^^ My office isn’t.. that constricting especially since it’s not a corporate office. So I have ultimate freedom with how my desks are set up and everything around it. Heck, this weekend I’m planning to pick up paint samples =3 (Gonna paint the wall from white to.. well.. not-white).


My point in this is… in a way I still feel like a bird but I’m changing that. really. I am. Or at least I will? So I commissioned a drawing from Hermsi to remind me =3 Hopefully it turns out nicely, I’m actually paying for it too! Yea. Even if I am the girlfriend, I’m paying for it >:D I’m really really looking forward to it. I’m trying to fill up my wall nearby my bedside with inspirational art! So right now I have a few pieces that make me wake up and go “I need to do something today” And I’m hoping it makes everyday productive for me ^^


Oh I also drew 3 sketches today ^^ record there!!! Hopefully I’ll get something up soon but.. I want to learn how to work the tablet and color them! Sounds fun right? I’ll have to ask Gee for lessons…



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