Its interesting how the past always sticks onto you… which is what this song reminds me of. At first I thought about all the past relationships I learned a lot from which shapes who I am today. I’m glad for them but it’s kinda bothersome that I still… remember alot of the bits and pieces? I hate my memory sometimes for that T.T BUT! At the same time I remember so much of the good stuffs =3 Like like… the awesome view I saw when Gee was driving down from the hill. It was the first time going down that way and it was late so the lights in the city as so pretty ^^ I was thinking “dang, see this is the view I needed to start off my college days” And that’s what I got and at the time I didn’t realize that was just the first of many trips to places. Cause I didn’t think I’d see it again. but… That was also the day he asked me out xD

Lucky me right? xP

So some shadows are good xD

I’m not sure why I decided to write about this but… eh… I’m trying to put more of myself into my posts. I noticed I’m not posting everyday anymore like I hope to so I ‘m trying to make the days that I do post worthwhile =3 (Which seems like Tuesdays are no post days. Ever. Go look, it’s true xD)



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