photo 969915_10151499454135036_53385038_n_zps9b8cc82e.jpg

I didn’t get to put up any cosplay pictures up yet (of just the group!) So I decided to throw it on here first~ This was actually taken… on Heather’s iphone >.> But oddly enough, pretty good picture no? Look.. our main character is elevated >.>

I’m still trying to catch up on post-AX stuff but it’s not going so well. I worked on my ACP stuff today… replied to so many emails yesterday… and finished Day 2 post today! I want to start Day 3 but …. I’m so behind on sketching I might save that for tomorrow. And SO MUCH PLANNING! Still have to work on planning out a Vegas triipp!! Yesh. I want another one. Why? Cause I didn’t do the whole “go out of country” for my graduation trip. SO…. I will plan my own trip =3 (Thats less expensive yet still fun and explory!)

Also today I came to the conclusion of 2 things:

1. Excessive complaining brings down the mood of the scene no matter where you are

2. Asking for things but not doing anything to get it really annoys people cause … what are you waiting for?  Just do something already!

Thats it for my rant(ish) for now! lol!


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