Glitter monster =3

 photo DSCN3082_zps7424f41f.jpg

My brother got a new office and mother dragged me downtown LA to buy some silk flowers! I initially just went so she would have company… and I mean… why not right? daylight time in LA isn’t so bad XD Anyways… during our trip mother kept telling me to make something .. So I did!!

I basically love modern and… silver and orchids xD I threw that all together in one thing and ahh.. just love it =3 Yea.. I do have to admit that it’s not really my brother though lol! If he doesn’t want it I’ll throw it next to my desk int he office =3

After working a few hours straight today and getting online…. I realize that I’m not using my skills to the fullest potential. And.. now I’m thinking of how I can.. you know? I’ll see though… I just want to find a way to contribute to something bigger. I don’t want fame either… I just want .. something.


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