Time to guess!

 photo DSCN3084_zps3ca68eed.jpg

Here’s the game: name all the cosplays on my mannequin! xP

So it’s been kinda crazy on all the outfits I’m multitasking at the moment. Currently: 4
With that in mind.. can you name them all?

I’m actually quite behind but I have everything planned out already… just the hard labor work. For what? Eh… for fun =3 Do I hope people take pictures of me and awe? Of course xD But I’m just having fun if we get to run around and meet people in the same anime =3

Today I actually went to Hea’s house to do cosplay work! I did the final fitting for Gee’s outfit. And I tried helping Hea with her wig. I also got the breast plate armor for Asuna planned out and I have parts of the armor for Kirito planned out as well! So I call it a pretty productive day! Although I did poke my eye while trying to get my contacts out last night and my eye has been getting redder since… I hope it’s okay so I can wear contacts soon.. if not… well I dunno what I can do >.< I was being stupid even though I knew I shouldn’t have done it T.T See? This is why we stick to our gut feelings!!

Anyways… answer time!! From lowest layer to topmost~

1. Asuna’s mid part
2. Mikoto’s petticoat
3. Kirito’s Coat
4. Jedi tunic

Half are mine, half are commissions =3


2 thoughts on “Time to guess!

  1. and to the contacts thing i would rather stick to glasses thats why i stick to glasses atleast i dont want to get my eye hurt ^^ but well somepeople get their eyes even hurt while putting on glasses by poking their eye with the part that should be behind your ear next to your head and not in your eye xD

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