Finally… boba!!


So I had about 5 hours of sleep last night because I couldn’t go to sleep and I just woke up extremely early o.o (like 830am) which yes, is early for me. So I’m gonna try to continue to wake up early and just do all my lovely work around the house! And coffee. Yes. Coffee.

So today I went downtown and helped me mother pick out silk flowers, I also made a piece of my own which I shall post a picture of later~ Then mother took us to Boiling Point which is a Hot Pot restaurant but they have some good boba o.o No idea how but.. it’s yummy! Really like their green tea =3 It’s just kinda awkward getting it… that’s all lol. Apparently they have some really good snow too….

Other than that. SO Close to finishing Kirito! One line closer to finishing Mikoto! I WILL have pictures up later. I NEED to have pictures up later lol


2 thoughts on “Finally… boba!!

    • Oh my… it was… quite disappointing actually. Funny story in it… the bridesmaids in my opinion looked a lot prettier xD Plus the restaurant service was so bad it ruined the experience a lot. But I did learn a lot from it which is the main reason why I went =3 Thank you for asking btw~ ^^

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